Franchise Opportunity

Education is one field, which offers tremendous growth opportunities in this modern era. Every parent is concerned about his/her child’s learning potential. World population is growing tremendously and hence there is an unprecedented need for finding solutions for all the world problems, which are increasingly growing every day. This necessitates a huge need for leaders, not just leaders but every one who can think on his own to solve his own problems and the world problems. This responsibility is partly taken by us, as we train each & every child in Brainobrain to learn quickly & effectively, to imagine, to use our brain more effectively than ever. This is the business opportunity that we are aiming at.

Are you a self-motivated person, who consistently aims for quality and customer satisfaction in any business?

If you can fulfill the following requirements, then you have everything to become a successful Brainobrain Franchisee in your area.

Franchisee License Fee (INDIA)

With a total investment of Rs.1,00,000 – Rs.1,50,000/-(inclusive of franchise fee of Rs.68,000 + Service Tax/GST), we help you set up a BRAINOBRAIN CENTRE, in your area, if you can spare a small room of 250 sq.ft, which will be comfortable for 15 children to sit and move around.

Only Female faculty should be graduate with English proficiency

All the children in your neighbourhood are going to queue up, when you start helping the little ones find their unique excellence inside them. We can train you in all this, with our world class R&D at India, which is effectively researching for the last six years in finding the most valuable tools all over the world across cultures, to train the young human brain into excellence.

Some of the concepts, in which we are specialising are Advanced Abacus, uro Linguistic Programming, Neurobics & Personality Development Skills.

We are here to help you step by step in your entrepreneurial transformation. We help you to get the first batch of students, with which you can start comfortably teaching, what you learnt from us.

Our marketing strategies comes from our experience of launching more than 900 centres in twenty eight countries. We have a local team in every country which ensures that the best marketing way in that region is given the highest priority and our experienced team will guide you and do the handholding for you, till you can stand on your own. We will ask you to organise a launch demo in your area, using our strategies. Our team members with previously trained Brainobrain children will visit your demo and do a captivating launch, which will ensure you the first batch of students for your centre and you can get started from there.

We also conduct annual events across the world & Regional Events in your area, which can motivate you & your centre to seek higher success in your performance. To know about some of our past events, ask for a competition video from our office and you will be thrilled to see how much we match our words with action.

Why Choose Us?

Brainobrain is the pioneer in the advanced abacus syllabus for its skill development programme.
Brainobrain advanced syllabus is a unique rhyme based curriculum which caters to all the basic senses of the learner like visual, auditory & kinesthetic, thus making it compelling.
In Brainobrain, the child works less and achieves more! This is due to the fact that the syllabus is not just mathematical; the focus is on empowering the child’s entire neural networks.
Brainobrain gives very little homework to kids. So children enjoy the whole process as it is not taxing.
Brainobrain’s syllabus is powerful enough to challenge the child’s mental capabilities and thus helping them attain a greater potential.
Brainobrain Syllabus is so unique that children have a all round development.
To put it in a saying, “We don’t give them fish; we teach them how to catch fish”.