Course Details

1. Little bob's

Littlebobs is a course for 4 to 6 year children. It comprises of 4 modules, with each module having a duration of 3 months.

2. Brainobrain

This is a unique skill development programme, where we nurture the children’s brain to develop some of the foundation skills for learning such as Memory, Visualisation, Concentration, Listening Skills, Learning Ability, Creativity, Self Confidence, Speed & Accuracy, etc.,

Brainobrain is a course for 7 to 14 year children. It comprises of 10 levels, with each level having a duration of 3 months.

3. NLP Leadership camp

NLP is a science of understanding how we think. Increasing the awareness of your style of thinking can really help you increase your choices in achieving what you want in your life. For children, this awareness leads to voluntary change to improve their personality, to grow as a leader. This 5 day evening programme exactly does that.......

NLP is a program, to help your child learn the foundation skills of leadership so that they know what it takes to be a world class inspiring leader.

Why Choose Us?

  1. > International Concept
  2. > World’s Latest Kids-Friendly Syllabus
  3. > Child Centric Course Modules
  4. > Stringent Quality Policies
  5. > Competent, Trained, Certified & Committed Instructors
  6. > Quality Assessment through Regional, National & International Competitions
  7. > Additional Training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).