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This is a great opportunity for us to motivate the children and to ensure that they practice daily. The Practice sessions for the competition are more important than the competition itself. Once the children Practice daily you will see a marked change in their speed and accuracy. Taking part in the competition will also help you in reducing the number of Dropouts and indirect publicity.

The dates of the competition are as under :-

Sunday 28th April - North Central UP@ Hardoi
Sunday 5th May - East UP @  Gorakhpur
Sunday 12th May - Lucknow 
Sunday 19th May- Kanpur

*International Students cannot take part in this Fest

a) Registration for the Competition

There are no registration forms for the competition. The franchise just needs to send the names of  the participants in the prescribed Excel Format to their respective Zonal Coordinator on or before the Last Date. (Last Date for depositing fees and sending excel format is 17 days before the Competition Date of your Zone)

b) Doing Sums on Abacus

T(40pgs-upto less partners), A, B and Little Bobs Category participants will do the paper entirely on Abacus and all the questions will be dictated based on a particular pattern which will be communicated to you before 10th March.

c) Level 3 to 10

The children will get two Papers (Paper 1 & Paper 2). The child will need to solve Paper 1 completely before attempting Paper 2. The child must score atleast 70% marks in Paper 1 for his/her Paper 2 to be checked. 

Apart from the Paper, all children will be getting 10 sums of dictation as well. Each sum of dictation will carry 20 marks. (Pattern will be informed well in advance)

The Competition would be conducted Level wise i.e. The student is eligible for participating in the Level which he/she has last completed (on or before the competition date). The children can attempt any question first. They do not have to go question number wise. The Marks obtained by the children would be adjusted according to their age, based on the following Multiplication Index

Age   Multiplication Index Age Multiplication Index

  3 years to 4 years       2.50   8 years to 9 years 1.20

  4 years to 5 years       2.00  9 years to 10 years 1.125

  5 years to 6 years       1.67 10 years to 11 years 1.05

  6 years to 7 years       1.42  11 years and above 1.00

  7 years to 8 years       1.27

Prizes will be awarded Level Wise on the basis of Total Adjusted Marks scored by the child in the time provided.

Eg. If a child who is between 7 years to 8 years of age scores 200 marks and a child of 12 years score 250 marks in the same level then the Adjusted Marks would be as under :-

Child 1 – Age 7-8 years 200 x 1.27 = 254

Child 2 – Age 12 years  250 x 1.00 = 250

So, as far as, the result is concerned Child 1 would be ranked above Child 2. 

Time Limit : The Competition for each level would be for 6 minutes.

Marking Scheme : 
L’Bobs, A,B and C Category  - All sums will be for 10 marks each. 
D,E,F and G Category  - All sums of Addition and Subtraction will be for 10 marks each. 
   The Multiplication and Division Sums will be for 5 marks each.
H, I, J and Z Category   - All sums will be for 10 Marks each.

d) Demo (Champion of Champions Competition)

Children scoring maximum marks in the dictation portion of the exam paper will be selected for a Demo (Champion of Champions) Knockout. The child who gets all answers correct in the Dictation Knockout conducted live in front of the audience will be adjudged the Champion of Champions for the particular level.

e) All children need to wear their Brainobrain T-Shirts for the competition

f) Graduation Ceremony (only for Offline Competition Graduates)
Graduation Ceremony would be held just before the Prize Distribution (Please send the list of the  graduates in the prescribed Excel Format before 20th of March)

Anuraag K.Khaitan
Regional Director
Brainobrain Uttar Pradesh, Haryana & Gujarat

Brainobrain Zonal Fest 2024
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    May 19,2024

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